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Welcome to Tiger of the Stripe

Tiger of the Stripe is a small, independent book publisher based in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames in southwest London. Richmond is an attractive and historically-interesting town. It was known as Sheen (Scēon in Old English) until Henry VII built a new palace here in about 1500 and renamed the town after Richmond in Yorkshire. In turn, it gave its name to Richmond, Virginia. We are fortunate to have both Richmond Park and the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, on our doorstep, and Hampton Court is also close. We are less fortunate to be near to Heathrow Airport.

Tiger of the Stripe is not a subsidy or vanity publisher. That is to say that we pay authors, not the other way around!

Buying from Amazon

We love traditional bookshops and we hope that as many people as possible will buy our books through them. However, the plain fact is that we sell more through Amazon than we do through bookshops, our profits are larger on copies through Amazon and, quite frankly, we wouldn't survive without Amazon sales. With this in mind, we have set up a shop page here. Currently, there are pages for the UK, US, Canada, France, and Germany. We also have an Italian page, but, for technical reasons, it doesn't have a shopping basket. We hope to add Spain and Japan, possibly even China.

Now out!

Straw Bale House

Recipes from the Straw Bale House

Sara Daniels

This much-delayed (and much-anticipated) book is now out – and what a feast we have in store! This book is stuffed full of delicious vegetarian recipes from Sara's B&B in France, Terre et Toi, where she offers accomodation in rooms built from mud & straw and lime & hemp. She has just added a yurt! This book, beautifully illustrated with colour phtographs, also contains dairy- and gluten-free recipes for those with intolerances.

Sara was featured on ITV's Little England series a couple of years ago.

As well as the print edition, ebooks will be available shortly on the iBookstore and Kindle store. Due to technical limitations of the Kindle format, we think that those with Macs and iPads will prefer the iBookstore version. It will also work on iPhones.

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If you can't get it through amazon, you can buy directly from us. Contact us here and we'll let you know how much it will cost and how long it is likely to take.